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Blastomancer Soundtrack

I've recently written a short four track EP to showcase my updated composition techniques

The project was composed in Ableton and consist of blending synthesiser elements from XFER's Serum and Arturia's Pigments with micro sampling techniques. I chopped and sampled recordings of bells, grand pianos, slide guitars and orchestras to create a unique grainy melancholy soundscape taking inspiration from Hyper Light Drifter's Disasterpeace, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno.

Ambient 1: Music For Games 


A series of sound re-designs demonstrating fight sequences and action design across horror, magic and action genres.

Mixing loops from Soundly's sound effects library to create mood and impact.  Often utilising over eight effects to create one provoking effect.

Elder Scrolls, Dofus, My Friend Pedro


Last year I composed the 'Blastomancer Soundtrack'a 10 track album written for the indie title 'Blastomancer' Ableton using it's built in synthesisers: Analog and Operator - as well as XFER Record's Serum.


With 'wonky space' as a theme I set out to create a composition that was meditative, aethereal and bizarre!

good font for creating page titles with impact.

A corporate advertisement for ANZ Bank edited in collaboration with Beatworms an independent sound design and composition group. 

Mixing and mastering on set recordings, post recordings ADRs, composition and self recorded sound effects. 

We Do How - ANZ Bank


Gardenstory, Inmost, Tunic

Showcasing specifically game sound design, i've strived to blend synthesised effects with realistic audio to create satisfying digital sounds mixed with natural randomness.


I've used a combination of XFER's Serum and Soundly's sound effects library. 

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Hello there, I'm Alex Prenzler!

An expat Australian living in Singapore.

I've been studying and producing music for over a decade.

Now I'm channeling my audio skills in a quest to deliver satisfying and memorable composition and sound design for games and film.

Get in touch, let me show you what I can do for you!

A Covid-19 vaccine awareness advertisement funded by the New Zealand Government edited in collaboration with Beatworms an independant sound design and composition group.

Mixing and mastering on set recordings, post recordings ADRs, composition and self recorded sound effects. 

Ka Kite, Covid - NZ Government